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You have ideas, we have complex solutions. Dream kitchen, living room or fitted wardrobe? There will be common sketch and the magic of the modern design to supply the tangible size. The experienced interior designers will bring the interesting processing of every unconventional space, the variety of the interior tips, tricks and different atypical genuine ideas.

Latest works

Furniture to measure

Let us make the exclusive furniture to measure for your home, we will reach all your individual dreams and specific desires. You can let with us imagination run riot. Nábytok Holík brings not only originality, moreover it gingers up unrepeatable style and oomph.

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Wardrobes to measure
Keep trying the spacious wardrobe to measure. Fitted wardrobes are without any doubts the perfect option of the


Furniture to need
Are you furnishing a flat, house or an office? Despite of buying a large amount of furniture at well-known malls, you

The mounting of the furniture

The mounting of the furniture  
We don´t want to spent hours over individual pieces of work. Just at us, we perform the fast and professional mounting


Komplexná realizácia
We will care of everything; you are involved to work or family. There is not a lot of time to duties´ increasing and

Walls of living

Walls of living   
The living room to measure, not changeable not for all the tea in China The living room is the centre of the social


Interiérový dizajn
In the past, the houses and flats were considered as ordinary place for living and in many times, the furniture was


Exclusive wardrobes fitted to measure  
Exclusive wardrobes fitted to measure. Enough storage space for putting casual clothes away, as towels, bath towels,


Not only every housewife will envy the unique kitchen. The family house or flat is the detailed solution of our

Long-time experience is guarantee of satisfaction

There is a big number of clients, such as lawyers, doctors and businessmen capable of confirming. As the fact, the independent guarantee o quality can be the cooperation with the Sýkora´s mark for a long time. Use the complex extra service. Our designer can visit you directly at home, it will provide you the consultation and afterwards leave everything us – production, delivery and mounting.