Are you furnishing a flat, house or an office? Despite of buying a large amount of furniture at well-known malls, you are not succeeded in many cases. Your ideas are opposite to ideas of producers making the furniture in the certain colours or in universal decorum’s. This furniture has been literally losing in big space. There is not possible to locate into the smaller interior. What´s more, the quality of used materials is doubtful.
You don´t have to give up your requirements and furnish the interior on your own. Use an opportunity to let the furniture made to measure. A traditional wardrobe, fitted wardrobes, kitchens to measure or furniture to living room for you as well as the exclusive furniture to bedroom, hall, bathroom or dining room are results of our production.
Beds made to measure
We are making beds meeting the requirements and in various atypical sizes, as for typical bed or double bed to bedroom. If you have a little space in your flat, your room made to measure can have a certain storage space. We make for example the high-quality bunk beds to small childrens´rooms.

Tables made to measure to kitchen, dining room or study room
Do you need the table to kitchen, dining room, children´s room or study room but you can´t find the right one? We make out (or design too) a table to measure and get on well with your individual needs. Do you need a big, small, square, oval or round table to measure, or even folding? We don´t know problems, we know only solutions. We make the wide range of designs of tables, small tables of various sizes and colours. Certainly, in specific material interpretation according to client´s choice.

The unique furniture to measure to bathroom
A bathroom is the unique space in the household and there is not a piece of cake to take the furniture in the limited offer out. Especially, when is a bathroom completed and there is a fitting of sanitary. Use the possibility of furniture´s production to measure to bedroom too in the space´s possibilities. Interior designer at the bathroom´s plan takes the size into account and the functionality of furniture too.
We also make for you...Any kind of furniture to measure Considering our professional access, there are satisfied clients from the doctors´ ranks as well as lawyers, businessmen and also our long-time experience and cooperation with the prestigious mark called Sýkora. As long as you have the specific needs, don´t hesitate to contact us. Our interior´s designer helps you with all suggesting the furniture to measure.