We will care of everything; you are involved to work or family. There is not a lot of time to duties´ increasing and time is rare. We decided to provide the complex realization of furniture´s to measure to make easier for clients and time´s saving. Therefore, they can devote to family or more important work. There is an opportunity to completed service from the first script to mounting at your home. The project from the interior´s designer Our specialist will hear the client´s performances and client´s dreams. He will provide the expert´s consultation, gives advice, recommends, measures out and then suggest interior of kitchen, living room, bedroom or another room according to the customer´s needs. In addition, we offer the possibility of the interior´s studio just at you. You don´t have to travel to us unnecessarily, because of examination on our own. The production of the furniture to measure The unique furniture to measure will be produced to made project. We will choose the high-quality material together. We will put emphasis on every detail and don´t save anywhere. Even, forging or curtains of door have been bought only from checked producers, for example Hettich or Blum. The reliable delivery of furniture to measure As long as you order the furniture, you will have an experience, that goods weren´t on time or were damaged at transport. Since we don´t use the service of the external courier´s companies, but the transport is secured by ourselves. The new furniture is fully under control from his package, treatment, transport to unload at client. It safe to say about the complete delivery without further delay.